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For nearly one hundred years, the Minnesota Law Review has been a leader amongst academic legal publications. When Professor Henry J. Fletcher launched the journal in 1917, his goal was simple. It was to “contribute a little something to the systematic growth of the whole law.” Since then, the Law Review has done just that, both through its print edition and through its newer online companion: Headnotes. And as the journal nears its one-hundredth volume, it is time again to be on the cutting edge of legal academic discourse.

To that end, we are proud to present the journals’ first blog, MLR: De Novo. The term de novo, aside from its legal definition, means “from the beginning” or “anew.” These words strike at the heart of what the Minnesota Law Review is truly about: pushing ourselves to contribute to the growth of the law, to be on the edge of political discourse, and to provide a medium by which students and alumni may engage one another in active discourse.

In the coming months, De Novo will become the third ‘branch’ of the journal. It will publish works at just a high standard as the flagship journal prints, in a medium quickly accessible to readers and authors. It will publish not only blog posts, but legal news, case comments, and news/upcoming events pertaining to the journal. It is an exciting new chapter for the journal, and with our one-hundredth volume approaching, the timing could not be better.

We would like to thank all past and current staffers, editors, authors, and alumni who have pushed the journal and have made it the institution it is today. De Novo will continue that tradition of excellence, and will have the same level of oversight as any other legal publication under the Minnesota Law Review brand. Keep a lookout in the near future for new and exciting pieces, and thank you for your support over the years.


Mathew Morrison,

Online Articles Editor, Volume 99



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