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New York Times Quotes Justin Pidot on Upcoming Study

In reference to mounting deadlock among the eight sitting Supreme Court Justices, the New York Times draws on Justin Pidot’s expertise and references his study, set to be published in Volume 101 of the Minnesota Law Review. You can read the article here.

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New York Times, Above the Law Discuss Upcoming “Bluebook” Piece

Two recent articles in the New York Times and Above the Law discuss the assertions made in “The Secret History of the Bluebook,” an upcoming Vol. 100 piece penned by Yale librarians Fred R. Shapiro and Julie Graves Krishnaswami. You can read the New York Times article here, and the Above the Law article here.

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Fall Submissions Open – Headnotes

The Minnesota Law Review: Headnotes fall submissions period is open. For more information, please visit our submissions page.

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Vol. 97 Piece Quoted in Mother Jones Article

A recent Mother Jones article predicting how the Roberts Court would resolve King v. Burwell draws on How Business Fares in the Supreme Court from Volume 97. You can read the article here.

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Welcome to De Novo

For nearly one hundred years, the Minnesota Law Review has been a leader amongst academic legal publications. When Professor Henry J. Fletcher launched the journal in 1917, his goal was simple. It was to “contribute a little something to the systematic growth of the whole law.” Since then, the Law Review has done just that, […]

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Minnesota Law Review Alum Remembered 45 Years After Death

Minnesota Law Review alumnus Tom Cranna was honored at the Annual Banquet this Spring, 45 years after his death. Mr. Cranna was remembered for his contributions to the journal, the school, and the positive impact he had on his family and friends. The Devil’s Lake Journal published a memorial which can be accessed here.

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Follow MLR on Twitter!

The Minnesota Law Review is proud to announce that we are now on Twitter. Follow us @MinnesotaLawRev for information and updates concerning the petition period and deadlines, the opening and closing of article submissions, our 2014 Symposium: Offenders in the Community, and all other news concerning our authors and publications. We look forward to connecting […]

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Vol. 97 Lead Piece Cited in Al Jazeera Opinion Piece

A recent Al Jazeera opinion piece that criticizes the Supreme Court’s Daimler decision cites to Volume 97’s lead piece, How Business Fares in the Supreme Court. You can read the Al Jazeera piece here.

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Masthead for Volume 99 Board

The masthead for the Board of Volume 99 of the Minnesota Law Review is now available. You can view the masthead here.

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Above the Law Post Highlights MLR‘s Jump in Journal Rankings

A recent post on Above the Law highlights the fact that the Minnesota Law Review was ranked 11th in the most recent 2013 edition of the Washington & Lee Law Review Rankings. You can read the post here.

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De Novo

  • Dan’s Flaw

    DAN’S [F]LAW: STATUTORY FAILURE TO ENFORCE ETHICAL BEHAVIOR IN CLINICAL DRUG TRIALS Noah Lewellen* I. INTRODUCTION Paul, a sophomore at the University of Minnesota, bursts into a lecture hall, loudly claims to see monsters sitting in the seats, and offers his services in slaying them. The police are called, and […]

  • Case Comment: Bhogaita v. Altamonte

    EVERY DOG CAN HAVE HIS DAY IN COURT: THE USE OF ANIMALS AS DEMONSTRATIVE EXHIBITS Kyle R. Kroll, Volume 100, Online Managing Editor In Bhogaita v. Altamonte, the Eleventh Circuit recently decided whether to allow a dog in the courtroom as a demonstrative exhibit.[1] Although the case presented many serious […]

  • Revisiting Water Bankruptcy

    REVISITING WATER BANKRUPTCY IN CALIFORNIA’S FOURTH YEAR OF DROUGHT Olivia Moe, Volume 100, Managing Editor This spring, as “extreme” to “exceptional” drought stretched across most of California—indicating that a four-year streak of drought was not about to resolve itself[1]—Governor Jerry Brown issued an unprecedented order to reduce potable urban water […]