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Mark Schneider’s Symposium Presentation Now Available

View Mark Schneider’s presentation from the Minnesota Law Review Symposium, International Labor Law: Opportunity, Solution, or Intrusion.

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Volume 98 Submissions Are Now Closed

The Minnesota Law Review is no longer accepting submissions for Volume 98. Thank you to everyone who submitted articles, and we hope you will continue submitting to the Minnesota Law Review in the future. Submissions will open again in Spring 2013 for Volume 99. For more information on submitting to the Minnesota Law Review, please [...]

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The Summer Submissions Period Is Now Open

The Minnesota Law Review is now accepting submissions. Submissions will continue until Volume 98 is filled. In previous years, submissions have remained open until early September. The Minnesota Law Review will consider for publication in its print edition any original work focusing on any topic or field in the law. Authors must submit articles through the [...]

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Minnesota Law Review Volume 98 Announces New Editors and Staffers

The Minnesota Law Review welcomes the new editorial board and staffers for Volume 98! We’re looking forward to a great year for our staffers, editors, alumni, authors, and readers. Below find the new, Volume 98 Masthead. The Volume 98 Masthead is also available for download here.  

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2013 Minnesota Law Review Symposium

The Future of Organized Labor: Labor Law in the 21st Century Friday, October 25, 2013 At the turn of the century, 28 percent of American workers were unionized.  Today, only 8 percent of American workers belong to unions, and the decline is likely to continue. The 2013 Symposium will allow the Minnesota Law Review to [...]

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Volume 97 Lead Piece Profiled in New York Times

The Volume 97 Lead Piece, a study of how the Supreme Court treats business interests by distinguished legal scholars Lee Epstein, William M. Landes, and Richard A. Posner, was profiled in the May 5, 2013 edition of the New York Times. The story, titled Corporations Find a Friend in the Supreme Court, details the study’s finding: since [...]

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Volume 98 Spring Submissions Closed

The Minnesota Law Review has closed the spring submissions period for Volume 98. Submissions for Volume 98 will reopen on Thursday, August 1. Please see the submissions page for more details.

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Volume 98 Submissions Will Open Feb. 15

The Minnesota Law Review will begin accepting submissions for Volume 98 on Friday, February 15, 2013. Please see this page for more details.

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Minnesota Law Review Announces Volume 98 Editorial Board

The Minnesota Law Review is pleased to announce its Volume 98 editorial board, headed by Editor in Chief Jake Vandelist.

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Minnesota Law Review Announces 2013 Symposium Topic

The Minnesota Law Review is pleased to announce that its 2013 symposium will address the legal and political issues facing organized labor in the United States. The symposium will be held at the University of Minnesota Law School on October 25, 2013.

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  • Welcome

    For nearly one hundred years, the Minnesota Law Review has been a leader amongst academic legal publications. When Professor Henry J. Fletcher launched the journal in 1917, his goal was simple. It was to “contribute a little something to the systematic growth of the whole law.” Since then, the Law [...]

  • Minnesota Law Review Alum Remembered 45 Years After Death

    Minnesota Law Review alumnus Tom Cranna was honored at the Annual Banquet this Spring, 45 years after his death. Mr. Cranna was remembered for his contributions to the journal, the school, and the positive impact he had on his family and friends. The Devil’s Lake Journal published a memorial which [...]

  • Follow MLR on Twitter!

    The Minnesota Law Review is proud to announce that we are now on Twitter. Follow us @MinnesotaLawRev for information and updates concerning the petition period and deadlines, the opening and closing of article submissions, our 2014 Symposium: Offenders in the Community, and all other news concerning our authors and publications. [...]

  • Vol. 97 Lead Piece Cited in Al Jazeera Opinion Piece

    A recent Al Jazeera opinion piece that criticizes the Supreme Court’s Daimler decision cites to Volume 97′s lead piece, How Business Fares in the Supreme Court. You can read the Al Jazeera piece here.

  • Masthead for Volume 99 Board

    The masthead for the Board of Volume 99 of the Minnesota Law Review is now available. You can view the masthead here.


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