Current Issue

Vol. 102, Issue 3


Prospective Grandfathering: Anticipating the Energy Transition Problem, by Christopher Serkin & Michael P. Vandenbergh here

Admissions of Guilt in Civil Enforcement, by Verity Winship & Jennifer K. Robbennolt here

Categorizing Student Speech, by Alexander Tsesis here

Globalization Without a Safety Net: The Challenge of Protecting Cross-Border Funding of NGOs, by Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer here

Behavioral Claim Construction, by Jeremy W. Bock here

Social Influences on Policy Preferences: Conformity and Reactance, by Meirav Furth-Matzkin & Cass R. Sunstein here


Solving the Problem of Problem-Solving Justice: Rebalancing Federal Court Investment in Reentry and Pretrial Diversion Programs, by Devin T. Driscoll here

The Most Integrated Setting: Olmstead, Fry, and Segregated Public Schools for Students with Disabilities, by Trevor Matthews here

Reclaiming Reclamation: Rule Changes Proposed To Ensure Coal Companies Fund Mandatory Clean-Ups, by Taylor Mayhall here