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  • The (Mad) Fight to Legalize Sports Betting in New Jersey

    THE (MAD) FIGHT TO LEGALIZE SPORTS BETTING IN NEW JERSEY By: Bradley Machov, Volume 101 Staff Member New Jersey wants to legalize sports betting within its borders.[1] In 1992, Congress, with the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (“PASPA”), made it clear that despite the potential revenue legalized […]

  • Recent State Legislation Seeks to Limit Disruptive Protests

    RECENT STATE LEGISLATION SEEKS TO LIMIT DISRUPTIVE PROTESTS By: Jorgen Lervick, Volume 101 Staff Member On January 21, 2017, just one day after President Donald Trump was sworn in as the forty-fifth President of the United States of America, more than two million people in cities all across the country […]

  • Can President Trump Be Sued for Defamation Because of His Personal Tweets?

    CAN PRESIDENT TRUMP BE SUED FOR DEFAMATION BECAUSE OF HIS PERSONAL TWEETS? By: Alex Walsdorf, Volume 101 Staff Member If you happen to visit President Trump’s private Twitter page,[1] you will notice his affinity for tweeting. Some of his tweets, at least on their face, promote respectful discourse and are […]

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