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No Longer a Neutral Magistrate: The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in the Wake of the War on Terror

Since the founding of our nation, the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of government have struggled with maintaining an appropriate balance between gathering intelligence for national security purposes and protecting the civil liberties of United States citizens. This difficulty is compounded by the uniquely challenging separation of powers issues national security problems present. In 1978, […]

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Public Enforcement Compensation and Private Rights

Government enforcement actions have returned tens of billions of dollars to consumers, investors and employees. This “public enforcement compensation” is important to effective civil law enforcement, yet it is poorly understood and increasingly criticized. Recent scholarship asserts that public compensation mimics class action recoveries and raises the same concerns of accountability to recipients of relief. This […]

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Of Mice and Men: On the Seclusion of Immigration Detainees and Hospital Patients

In its broadest sense, this Article challenges the lack of legally enforceable rights available to individuals in United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody. More specifically, this Article examines ICE’s widespread practice of secluding immigration detainees for lengthy periods of time for purported administrative, disciplinary, or protective reasons. Although seclusion has a profoundly negative […]

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The Moral Psychology of Copyright Infringement

Numerous recent cases illustrate that copyright owners sue for infringement even when an unauthorized use of their work causes them no financial harm. This presents a puzzle from the perspective of copyright theory as well as a serious social problem, since infringement suits designed to remedy non-pecuniary harms tend to stifle rather than encourage creative […]

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The Missing Pieces of Geoengineering Research Governance

Proposals to govern geoengineering research have focused heavily on the physical risks associated with individual research projects, and to a somewhat lesser degree on fostering public trust. While these concerns are critical, they are not the only concerns that research governance should address. Generally overlooked, and more difficult to address, are the systemic concerns geoengineering […]

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Note: Address Confidentiality and Real Property Records: Safeguarding Interests in Land While Protecting Battered Women

Over thirty states have instituted address confidentiality programs to protect victims of sexual assault, domestic abuse, stalking, and other crimes from perpetrators who try to track them through public records. The protections states offer vary widely. Minnesota has applied its address confidentiality program more broadly than any other state, extending the program’s protections to include […]

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De Novo

  • The Algorithm Made Me Do It and Other Bad Excuses

    THE ALGORITHM MADE ME DO IT AND OTHER BAD EXCUSES: UPHOLDING TRADITIONAL LIABILITY PRINCIPLES FOR ALGORITHM-CAUSED HARM By: Rebecca J. Krystosek, Volume 101 Staff Member As the outputs of algorithms increasingly pervade our everyday lives—from wayfinding apps and search engine autofill results to investment advice and self-driving cars—we must also […]

  • All (Privacy) Is Not Lost

    ALL (PRIVACY) IS NOT LOST: ATTORNEYS GENERAL AND PRIVACY PROTECTION By: Mitchell Noordyke, Volume 101 Staff Member In March, the House and Senate voted to prevent portions of the FCC Privacy Rule from going into effect.[1] This rule would have required more demanding protocol from broadband internet access service and […]

  • Pot, Printz, and Preemption

    POT, PRINTZ, AND PREEMPTION: WHY STATES CAN “JUST SAY NO” TO JEFF SESSIONS AND THE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES ACT By: Franklin R. Guenthner, Volume 101 Staff Member Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not a fan of marijuana. Before assuming his role at the Department of Justice, the former Senator from Alabama […]

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