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Disrupting the Pickering Balance: First Amendment Protections for Teachers in the Digital Age

Engaging in speech on Facebook has led teachers to be investigated, suspended, and even fired. The nature of online speech on social networking websites like Facebook presents novel concerns in First Amendment law. As Facebook and other forms of social media have become increasingly popular, teachers have been disciplined and fired for communicating through Facebook […]

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Turner v. Rogers, the Right to Counsel, and the Deficiencies of Mathews v. Eldridge

This Note uses Turner v. Rogers as a case-study to demonstrate how the Court’s procedural due process analysis, as laid out in Mathews v. Eldridge, is deficient. The application of the Eldridge balancing approach can appear arbitrary when its outcomes are compared across similar situations or when analyzed in depth in a single instance. Nowhere […]

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De Novo

  • Too Much Information?

    TOO MUCH INFORMATION? BALANCING DISCLOSURE AND PRIVACY INTERESTS IN MAKING DOMESTIC ABUSE A MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD By: April Will, Volume 102 Staff Member In the modern age of internet and “app” dating, anyone can fire up a Google search and evaluate a potential partner. Savvy searchers can uncover anything […]

  • An Illusory Sanctuary

    AN ILLUSORY SANCTUARY: HOW IMMIGRATION LAW AND POLICY FAIL TO PROTECT IMMIGRANTS FROM DEPORTATION By: Kayla Hoel, Volume 102 Staff Member At two in the morning on October 24, 2017, an ambulance carrying a ten-year-old child to an emergency surgery in Corpus Christi, Texas, was stopped at an immigration checkpoint.[1] […]

  • The Final Court to the Split

    THE FINAL COURT TO THE SPLIT: COULD IN RE ARCHDIOCESE GIVE THE EIGHTH CIRCUIT A CHANCE TO WEIGH IN ON NONCONSENSUAL THIRD-PARTY RELEASES IN CHAPTER 11 BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDINGS? By: Emily Muirhead McAdam, Volume 102 Staff Member The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Minnesota weighed in recently on […]

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