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  • Pot, Printz, and Preemption

    POT, PRINTZ, AND PREEMPTION: WHY STATES CAN “JUST SAY NO” TO JEFF SESSIONS AND THE CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES ACT By: Franklin R. Guenthner, Volume 101 Staff Member Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not a fan of marijuana. Before assuming his role at the Department of Justice, the former Senator from Alabama […]

  • Keefe v. Adams

    KEEFE V. ADAMS: OVERREGULATING OFF-CAMPUS SPEECH UNDER PROFESSIONAL CODES OF CONDUCT By: Maximilian Hall, Volume 101 Staff Member The Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit recently held that a student’s off-campus speech, which violated the American Nursing Association Code of Ethics, could be regulated by a nursing program as […]

  • Protecting Senior Citizens from Their Mail

    PROTECTING SENIOR CIITZENS FROM THEIR MAIL: THE GROWING THREAT OF DIRECT MAIL SOLICITATION AT SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITIES By: Mike Sikora, Volume 101 Staff Member Many of us hear stories of scammers targeting the elderly: fake grandsons trapped in jail, fake nieces stranded at airports, and fake friends offering a chance […]

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