Fall 2016: Volume 101

The Twice and Future President Revisited: Of Three-Term Presidents and Constitutional End Runs

Professor Bruce G. Peabody reexamines his 1999 piece published with Volume 83 of the Minnesota Law Review, entitled “The Twice and Future President: Constitutional Interstices and the Twenty-Second Amendment.” Peabody’s 1999 article has generated a significant amount of conversation since the time of its publication and the argument is again renewed in light of commentary surrounding […]

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Mathis v. U.S. and the Future of the Categorical Approach

The categorical approach and its various iterations have caused confusion in many of the lower courts. Professor Evan Tsen Lee dissects the future of the categorical approach after the Supreme Court’s ruling in Mathis v. United States, while suggesting that there may be alternatives.

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Reining in Private Agents

Professor Amitai Etzioni discusses the government’s use of private contractors by examining three case studies: data privacy, private policing, and private military contractors. By examining the ways in which the government can avoid certain restrictions by relying on these private agents, Professor Etzioni suggests that a complete reconceptualization may be required.

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Law Review Banquet

The next Law Review Banquet was held on Thursday, April 14, 2011.  For more information, please email Jeremy Harrell (harre057@umn.edu) or Monica Patel (pate0672@umn.edu), or contact the main Law Review office at 612-625-9330 or mnlawrev@umn.edu. The annual banquet is attended by attorneys, alumni, faculty, and administration, and offers a great opportunity for members of the legal […]

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De Novo

  • Comparing and Contrasting the Legal Challenges to President Trump’s Travel Ban

    COMPARING AND CONTRASTING THE LEGAL CHALLENGES TO PRESIDENT TRUMP’S TRAVEL BAN By: Richard Canada, Volume 101 Staff Member In the whirlwind first month of Donald Trump’s tenure as President, perhaps no issue has been as controversial or received as much attention as the Executive Order banning travel to the United […]

  • Legal Analysis of Trump Executive Order on Refugees

    LEGAL ANALYSIS OF TRUMP EXECUTIVE ORDER ON REFUGEES By: Stephen Meili, Clinical Professor in Law, University of Minnesota Law School† On January 27, 2017, President Trump issued an Executive Order (“Order”) curtailing entry to the U.S. by immigrants, non-immigrants and refugees in three significant ways: Creating a 120-day moratorium on […]

  • Defying Conservationist Ethics

    DEFYING CONSERVATIONIST ETHICS: A LOOK AT PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ENERGY PLAN By Karrah Johnston, Volume 101 Staff Member Over the course of his presidential campaign, President Donald Trump routinely championed former President Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation legacy. Trump continually asserted that he would follow in the “great environmentalist[’s]” footsteps by bolstering domestic […]

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