Vol. 102 Print Issues


Remembrance of Judge Myron Bright, by Ruth Bader Ginsburg here

Remembrance of Judge Myron Bright, by Samuel A. Alito, Jr. here

In Memoriam Judge Myron Bright, by Diana E. Murphy here

Remembering Judge Myron Bright, by Jane Kelly here

Standing Voting Instructions: Empowering the Excluded Retail Investor, by Jill E. Fisch here

Constitutional Reasonableness, by Brandon L. Garrett here

Valuing Identity, by Osamudia R. James here

Carbon Taxation by Regulation, by Jim Rossi here

Strengthening Cybersecurity with Cyberinsurance Markets and Better Risk Assessment, by Jay P. Kesan and Carol M. Hayes here

Note: Drilling and Community Consent: How Oil and Gas Boards Can Address the Public Health Threats Posed by Fracking, by Ellie Bastian here

Note: The Juvenile Ultimatum: Reframing Blended Sentencing Laws to Ensure Juveniles Receive a Genuine “One Last Chance at Success”, by Anabel Cassady here

Note: Reconsidering Home Rule and City-State Preemption in Abandoned Fields of Law, by Franklin R. Guenthner here


Competence and Culpability: Delinquents in Juvenile Courts, Youths in Criminal Courts, by Barry C. Feld here

When Database Queries Are Fourth Amendment Searches, by Emily Berman here

The Foreign Emoluments Clause and the Chief Executive, by Amandeep S. Grewal here

The Production Function of the Regulatory State: How Much Do Agency Budgets Matter?, by Jonathan Remy Nash, J.B. Ruhl, and James Salzman here

Too Big To Fool: Moral Hazard, Bailouts, and Corporate Responsibility, by Steven L. Schwarcz here

Institutional Fracture in Intellectual Property Law: The Supreme Court Versus Congress, by Gregory N. Mandel here

Note: Killing the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg: Outdated Employment Laws Are Destroying the Gig Economy, by Emily C. Atmore here

Note: Shining a Light on the Shadow-of-Trial Model: A Bridge Between Discounting and Plea Bargaining, by Lauren Clatch here

Note: Inclusive Communities and Robust Causality: The Constant Struggle to Balance Access to the Courts with Protection for Defendants, by Claire Williams here