Current Issue

Vol. 103, Issue 3


The Duty of Data Security, by Wiliam McGeveran here

Sanctuary Networks, by Rose Cuison Villazor and Pratheepan Gulasekaram here

Graffiti, Speech and Crime, by Jenny E. Carroll here

Environmental Standards, Thresholds, and the Next Battleground of Climate Change Regulations, by Kimberly M. Castle and Richard L. Revesz here

The Games They Will Play: Tax Games, Roadblocks, and Glitches Under the 2017 Tax Legislation, by David Kamin, David Gamage, Ari Glogower, Rebecca Kysar, Darien Shanske, Reuven Avi- Yonah, Lily Batchelder, J. Clifton Fleming, Daniel Hemel, Mitchell Kane, David Miller, Daniel Shaviro, & Manoj Viswanathan here


Venerunt, Viderunt, Vicerunt Venue: How TC Heartland and In re Cray Have Conquered Patent Venue for Corporate Defendants and How Congress Can Balance the Scales of Patent Venue Justice, by Peter Estall here

When Added Hurdles Cause Actual Prejudice: Exempting Knowing-Use-of-Perjured-Testimony Claims from Brecht Analysis on Collateral Review, by Melanie A. Johnson here

The Last Judicial Frontier: The Fight for Recognition and Legitimacy of Tribal Courts, by Robert J. Wild here